Listen how do i make riot delete master yi so i don’t have to deal with trash foos picking him jungle every chance they have



19: Arena (Best of Kirk vs Gorn)

Moonlit Beauties (detail) by Luis Ricardo Falero (1851-1896)

oil on canvas, date unknown 



There’s something so comforting about being in GameStop

knowing im the best looking and smelling person in there


Did I ever mention that time me and my friends combined forces to form Will Smith?


to leave, to be left; to be attached, to detach

huffs finally something original instead of sports anime fanart OTL
the idea of this piece is that its supposed to be ambiguous if it is the girl that is leaving or shes watching someone leave her, if shes trying to run away, if shes already left and still hesitant, if shes staring at the potential freedom through the window etc… and even if she has made the decision to leave she doesnt have the courage to even let go of her blanket

i suppose its like a metaphor for something like wanting to get away and do something new or to live alone but being accompanied by the fear of change and leaving comforts of home

//tries to be deep//